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Welcome to Nurture Light - Experience The Art of the Emotion and body code

Welcome to Nurture Light - Experience The Art of the Emotion and body codeWelcome to Nurture Light - Experience The Art of the Emotion and body codeWelcome to Nurture Light - Experience The Art of the Emotion and body code


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The Vision of Nurture Light

 Hello My Beautiful Nurture Light Tribe!

My vision for Nurture Light is one of connection. 

Connection to each other, to ourselves, our community and above all, our Source. My goal is to be the spark that helps IGNITE THE LIGHT in YOU! Helping you see and understand your magnificence. We are truly capable of whatever our heart desires with a vision, a thought, a belief and steadfast determination to keep our minds and hearts on track. 

I believe we come to earth with an inner knowing of what it is we desire to accomplish while we are here, though life has a tendency to throw us curve balls making it more difficult to achieve what we know in our hearts we are meant to. We are taught from a young age to be ordinary. We are constantly being confined by limitations. We are subjected to painful experiences that shake our faith or instill fear. We begin to doubt, question, play small and eventually settle. This diverts us from our path. We no longer believe we are capable of achieving great things. Our inner light dims and our dreams seem further and further 

out of reach. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

This path is a heavily traveled one. I see it time and time again and I recognize it because I too have walked down this road. This road led me to a dark and frightening place where my inner spark was a breath away from extinguishing. It was in this moment, my rock bottom, that I chose to ignite my light like never before and fight like hell to RISE! I knew that I came here for a reason. I have a purpose! My purpose is to stoke my inner flame so I can in turn help others see that they too have one and together we can help illuminate the world! 

This is how Nurture Light was born. 

In realizing my purpose, I have set out to find ways to help others ignite their light. I want people to feel the best they possibly can, so they are inspired to do what it is they came here to accomplish. The best approach I have found is through aligning the body, mind and soul with its highest good. 

What do the body, mind and soul all have in common? 


Understanding this energetic connection is HUGE! This is where we have the power to tap into extraordinary possibilities. But first we have to dismantle the energetic baggage we’ve accumulated along the way. But how do we do this? As fate would have it, I was introduced to The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code was developed by a holistic physician by the name of Dr. Bradley Nelson. Here, he reveals how emotionally-charged events from the past can haunt you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body. Through this modality, we learn that trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease. In addition, trapped emotions can have a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices that you make and how successful you will be. 

HELLO! Say what?! 

I immediately knew this was something I had to learn! I began the certification process through Discover Healing and in April, 2019, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, then later in December, I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner!  In my practice, I am connecting with people from around the globe.  My clients are losing pain, they are 

gaining a sense of clarity like never before and are releasing blocks that have been 

holding them back for years! 


I’ve seen amazing shifts taking place. It is now my mission to become one of the most sought out practitioners in the world. My desire to help enlighten you is rooted deeply in my soul. The most powerful thing I have ever heard from Dr. Bradley Nelson is when he said, “Everything that is wrong with your life is just an Energetic Misalignment.” Understanding the power behind these words can be the key to releasing the energies that are holding us back from everything we have ever wanted. I feel truly blessed to be utilizing this modality to get to the core of what it is that is holding you back, allowing you to emerge the very best version of yourself! Pain free, tapped into unlimited abundance, free from trapped emotions and experiencing the joy of the release of your Heart-Wall.  

Let’s lock arms and illuminate our lives together!  


About Us

Emotion Code
Body Code

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, used to literally get rid of emotional baggage.  Using muscle testing, we quickly identify and release trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events.  Trapped emotions can lead to depression or anxiety; they can block you from love and happiness and make one feel disconnected from others.  Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even disease.  Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal both physically and emotionally.


Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are balls of energy vibrating at different frequencies, created by emotions we experienced but did not fully process.  Using applied kinesiology, we can identify which emotions are causing a disturbance related to what you are experiencing and release them.  By releasing these trapped emotional energies, you heal yourself from trauma, you literally release the pain from your body.  This is tremendously beneficial and allows for healing from an energetic level, which is very effective and long lasting.


The Heart-Wall

The Emotion Code is also very successful in removing the Heart-Wall, allowing you to feel love and connection.  Through challenging life experiences, we may protect our heart with a wall made up of trapped emotional energies to keep it from breaking.  Unfortunately, after the event has come to pass, the wall remains.  This keeps us from experiencing joy, happiness, connection, love.  You may feel like you're on the inside looking out.  But the good news is that we can release it!  One layer or emotion at a time, and then it's like the a breath of fresh air.  You can FEEL again!  According to Nurture Light, this is the #1 Self Care Tool to benefit EVERYONE! #FreeYourHeart #HealYourLife


What is The Body Code?


The Body Code is a remarkable energy healing modality used to correct energetic misalignments affecting every area of your life. Are you struggling with chronic pain? Are you wanting to improve your health? Are you wanting to attract more abundance into your life? Are you wanting to manifest purposeful relationships? Would you like more success with your personal and professional goals? If so, then The Body Code is for you! 


Align your Energy

The transformative value within The Emotion and Body Codes is nothing short of remarkable!  By utilizing these energy healing modalities, we can align your energy with your truest desires.  It all goes back to the Law of Attraction.  The belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.  By aligning your energy with the positive, you can improve your health, wealth and relationships in a BIG WAY!


Take the NEXT STEP! Book with Me

During our time together, we will release trapped emotional energies, helping you heal.  We'll spend time addressing the things in your life that mean the most, and ensuring the energetic misalignments are cleared, allowing you to align with your truest desires.  Call in your health, call in abundance, call in THE GOOD!  This work is performed over the phone and can be conducted, by proxy, with anyone from around the globe.   

I am looking forward to earning your trust to become 

YOUR Body Code Practitioner! 

Your first step

Complementary Emotion Code Session

Are you new to the Emotion Code?  Have you been carrying around emotional baggage that is affecting your health and wellbeing?  The answer is most likely YES!  Here at Nurture Light, we provide your first session at no cost, allowing you to see if this powerful tool is right for YOU.  Please click the BOOK NOW button to schedule your first session!  You may just find you've unlocked the door to a whole new YOU!


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